Your family, gathered around you forever in a family portrait you'll cherish.

We'll Design for you a Family Memory you'll love forever...
Exquisite Family Portraits that begin as photographs then
expertly painted using Mixed Media and finished as original works of Art.



Once we've received your portrait from our Mastercraft lab, we go a step further and paint your portrait with clear acrylic to create the real brushstrokes of a painted portrait art piece. Once we've added a perfect frame you'll have a true work of art that is your family.

MixedMedia_Round Rock Portraits.jpg


Each portrait is carefully retouched to perfection and then optionally expertly painted by us and our team of artists. Using state-of-the-art technology, we create a digitally painted portrait that keeps photographic accuracy. 

Round Rock Baby Photographer.jpg

Don't wait until they're headed out of the home before remembering to have your Family Portrait made.

NOW is the time for a Family Portrait.

Round Rock Family Portraits9rs.jpg
Together Forever

This is Not your "average" picture. This is something special.

Round Rock Photographer10.jpg

Jennifer Aaron Fine Art Portraits isn't your standard photography studio. Here we make each portrait carefully, finish it beautifully, and treat it with the respect of the Art Piece that it is. 

We live in a world where casual pictures are snapped every day. We want to introduce you to a world of exquisite painted and finished family portrait art, displayed on the walls of your home.


This portrait is something to cherish and
honor as a member of the family.

Round Rock Family Portraits7.jpg

Your family as art.
Children who see themselves in the Family Portrait have a stronger sense
of belonging and value as they grow up. 

A Family Portrait on display is a daily non-verbal reminder to each member of your family that they matter, that they are part of something special and important, and that they are loved.

Round Rock Family Portraits

Jennifer Aaron Fine Art is a Veteran Owned
Small Business in Round Rock, TX.

Proud to serve.


Specializing in making you look and feel beautiful, and creating an emotional and memorable Family Portrait that is so rich in meaning and artistry that you will love for years and years to come.

This is the portrait your family will look back on and remember.

This is your family. Right here, right now. And they are loved. Just as they are.

MAGIC Happens Here.