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Dress Guide

We all know that clothes can make or break the perfect family portrait. Here you'll find guidance on what best to wear for the portrait you're dreaming of...


Classic FAmily Portrait

We take casual pictures every day. They all begin to blend together. By dressing UP, you're telling your children that THIS portrait is special. And it will stand out from the rest.

Choosing Clothing and Color...

The best color pallets for our portraits are jewel tones/dark colors. These colors create a cohesive look that is timeless and will coordinate well with your home.

Portrait art created on our beautiful and timeless backgrounds allows for contrast with the warmth of your skin tones. This will draw all of the attention to your faces in your portrait. 

For gentleman, we recommend a dark suit or tuxedo. A suit coat or jacket will complete your look. A white or coordinating dress shirt that looks great without a tie is recommended.

For the ladies, we recommend you choose a gown that is dark or jewel toned. Dresses with sleeves are significantly more flattering than sleeveless/strap/strapless dresses. This helps draw attention to your face vs arms etc.

For the children...

For the girls, A dark or jewel toned dress is also recommended, preferably in the same color palette as the rest of the family. For girls, sleeveless or short sleeved dresses work well.

For the boys, Dressing the boys similar to the men is the ideal choice. Jackets are highly recommended, however young boys may also wear a dress shirt with a vest in place of a jacket or suit coat.

Cultural clothing is wonderful, and clothing related to activities such as horseback riding, orchestra, or dance is welcome.

Flattering Clothing
For a stunning formal portrait start with a blend of rich, understated colors. Add a little dark-on-dark pattern with accessories. Don’t be afraid to spice it up with a color splash, flattering necklines and jewelry. Darker tones work well to simplify the overall look.

To Slenderize
Dark clothing tends to slenderize. Longer sleeves also slenderize and flatter.

Farmers tan? Unless you have perfectly tanned arms, please avoid strapless or sleeveless dresses/blouses.



Casual Family Portrait

A causal take on the classic portrait.

For families who really want their portrait to feel casual, but a little dressed up, we highly recommend blue-jeans and black / dark grey shirts/blouses/dresses - and black shoes. Your feet may be seen in the portrait.

The darker clothing draws the eye to your faces and connection, which is where we want it to be.




Outdoor Casual Family Portrait

Keeping with a color scheme helps create a portrait of unity.

Pinterest is a great place to look for ideas for family portraits that keep you all within a color scheme that best fits your family's personalities. We still recommend a darker shirts to draw attention to the eye, but we also want to invite you to be YOU and we're happy to work with color schemes and styles that really resonate with your family.



Portrait Art for your Home

If we create the perfect portrait of your family, that shows your connection, your personalities...where would you display it?


Round Rock Family Portraits

The Wall Portrait

This portrait impacts us through our lives. This portrait makes us feel loved, important, and part of a team.
This portrait gives us confidence and reassurance.
This portrait is there when we're feeling lonely for each other.

It stops time. This portrait remembers when.



Wall Portraits on canvas with lavish artistic retouching start at $1000. Finish your portrait with an frame starting at $450.


Portrait Collections

Portrait Collections

The Engraved Portrait Box Collection holds ten or more of your favorite portraits from your session. These portraits are 11 x 14" and mounted on 3 mm styrene for longevity.
Keepsake your portraits in the box, or display your portraits and collect treasures from your family's memories inside, safely tucked away.

Custom Engraved Lid - write a note to your children, or a story or poem, and we'll laser engrave your message onto your Portrait Box Lid.



Collections start at $3990

Individual portraits start at $500


Portrait Art Session FAQs


It's so easy to misplace, lose, toss, or even lose to theft your valuable Gift Certificate. By Registering your Gift Certificate, it simply let's us know you've received it and to start planning your portrait session. Portrait sessions must be booked before the Gift Certificate expiration date. Expired? See below.

Why do you take my credit card when booking?

We are a small studio and we have staff who join us for our portrait sessions. If a family is a no-show to their session, we still pay our staff for coming to work. If you & your family are a no-show or don't reschedule at least 24 hours before your portrait session, your card will be charged $100 for the session retainer. If you need to reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible so we can let our staff know. 


    When you come to our studio with a registered Gift Certificate, there are no investment requirements. However families frequently take this opportunity to invest in the large family wall portrait that we all dream of and will often spend $2000+ in a completed work of portrait art of their beloved family.


    We have our sessions set up to be most convenient for busy families. Your portrait & ordering sessions are booked in a single two-hour block of time at our Round Rock Studio. Once you and your family arrive, we invite you to relax and refresh yourself, change into your clothing and join us in the camera room for an unforgettable portrait session. 

    After your studio portrait session, you and your family may change into your comfy clothes as we prepare your portraits to view (and order). We'll prepare the room for your ordering session and get right to choosing your favorites. We'll show you your portraits at different sizes and you can choose what works best for you and your family.

    Wall Portraits start at $1000. Complete your portrait with a frame, which starts at $450. We offer convenient payment plans so you can get everything you want. People travel from hours away to bring their families to us for the special kind of portrait art we offer at our studio.

    For On-Location Portrait Sessions, a separate date will be scheduled for your ordering session. All decision makers must attend for your Gift Certificate to be used.



    Our Professional Labs will send your Portrait Art directly to your home so you may receive it as soon as possible. Please display your artwork immediately to avoid any damage from storage. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.



    • You may reactivate an expired Gift Certificate with a $100 non-refundable retainer that is applied toward your portrait order. Session must take place within 30 days. 
    • 3 Month Extensions on expiration dates are $100 non-refundable retainer is applied toward your portrait order.
    • No-Show - Reschedule Fee $100 non refundable.

    What if I want to have my session later in the year?

    • 3 Month Extensions on expiration dates are $100 non-refundable retainer is applied toward your portrait order.
    • Outdoor Studio Sessions are +$100.
    • On Location Sessions are +$250 up to 50 miles from our Round Rock Studio.
    • After hours (after 4pm) sessions are +$100.


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    Jennifer & Aaron Gomez

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    Jennifer & Aaron have been professional photographers and members of the Professional Photographers of America since 2006. For years they managed a successful family portrait studio in Oregon and a few years ago moved to Round Rock and purchased a beautiful home in which to build their dream studio to create timeless portrait heirlooms for you.

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     Aaron & Jennifer Gomez. Owners. Portrait Art Team. Jennifer Aaron Fine Art Portrait Design

    Aaron & Jennifer Gomez.
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    Jennifer Aaron Fine Art Portrait Design

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    Victoria Shaw - Studio Manager


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