The Fine Art of Dressing:

Make Your Family Portrait a Masterpiece

We ask you to carefully choose your wardrobe as this is not an every-day picture.

Instead it is an artistically created portrait of you and your family on canvas and will become part of your family history that will be passed down through generations.

The best attire for a timeless portrait is what you'd wear to a wedding or cocktail party.
Choosing Clothing and Color...The best color pallets for our portraits are jewel tones/dark colors. These colors create a cohesive look that is timeless and will coordinate well with your home.


Portrait art created on our beautiful and timeless backgrounds allows for contrast with the warmth of your skin tones.
This will draw all of the attention to your faces in your portrait. 

For the gentleman…

We recommend a dark suit or tuxedo. A suit coat or jacket will complete your look.
A white or coordinating dress shirt that looks great with or without a tie is recommended.  Bring black socks if you do not have dark shoes.

For the ladies…

We recommend you choose a dress or gown that is dark or jewel toned.
Dresses with sleeves are significantly more flattering than sleeveless/strap/strapless dresses.
This helps draw attention to your face vs arms etc.

For the children...

For the girls, A dark or jewel toned dress is also recommended, preferably in the same color palette as the rest of the family.
For girls, sleeveless or short sleeved dresses work well.

For the boys, Dressing the boys similar to the men is the ideal choice.
Jackets are highly recommended, however young boys may also wear a dress shirt with a vest in place of a jacket or suit coat.

Cultural clothing is wonderful, and clothing related to
activities such as orchestra or dance is welcome.

Flattering Clothing

For a stunning formal portrait start with a blend of rich, understated colors. Add a little dark-on-dark pattern with accessories.
Don’t be afraid to spice it up with a color splash, flattering necklines and jewelry. Darker tones work well to simplify the overall look.

To Slenderize: Dark clothing tends to slenderize. Longer sleeves also slenderize and flatter.

When you select an outfit for a family portrait, be sure to think of how it will coordinate with other family members.  
Even if your favorite color is green, it will not photograph well next to your daughter’s favorite red dress or your son’s green and white sweater.  
A better way to go is to pick a color scheme, and keep it consistent through each family member’s outfit.  



We take casual pictures every day. They all begin to blend together. By dressing UP, you're telling your children that THIS portrait is special. And it will stand out from the rest.

When everyone wears darker colors and jewel tones, it create a sense of unity. And what we really notice is their beautiful faces.

When everyone wears darker colors and jewel tones, it create a sense of unity. And what we really notice is their beautiful faces.