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At Jennifer Aaron Fine Art we provide high end portraiture experiences that you’ll love while raising funds to further the missions of charitable organizations that positively enrich the lives of Texans.

We do that by donating 100% of our sitting fees to these wonderful charities.

Through our efforts we have so far donated an estimated $600,319.14 in cash donations as of 08/25/17 and that number grows daily. It is a source of pride for our team members and clients alike.

100% of your donation will go to Vetted


A family portrait is a piece of your family’s history

Pet Portraits

We never know what the future holds.
A family portrait is a gift to the ones you cherish most in the world.


Change a life with your donation.
Create a renewed family connection at home with a family portrait.

Donate NOW and receive a Family Portrait from Jennifer Aaron Fine Art Portraits.

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A portrait on the wall is a daily reminder to your family that they are the ones you hold most dear in the world.

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A portrait on the wall is a clear message to your children: “YOU are what matters most.”
Donate now and receive a gift that you’ll cherish forever.

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